The Fall of Websites Counter

Simple Web Counters became endangered once Google Analytics arrived the web counting market. Having dominated the web counting scene for years, simple Web Counters didn’t anticipate the storm that was brewing, as technology advanced by the middle of the first decade of the new millennium. By the time the simple Web Counters could realize what was going on, the likes of Google Analytics sprang up from nowhere, and knocked the wind off their sails. Today simple Web Counters are virtually extinct. Google Analytics is now the king of the web counting jungle!

What are Web Counters? Web Counters are software programs, which are programmed to noteand record the amount of visitors/hits, a webpage has amassed. These counts are increasedwith time a web page was accessed on a web browser. Simple Web Countersheld sway in theweb counting market, during the 1990s. With the increase in technological advancements, simpleWeb Counters fell to the background, and Google Analytics took over. Simple web counters gradually went extinct, as they functioned as mere web bugs which webmasters utilized in tracking web hits. And they actually didn’t have User Interface elements, just like Google Analytics has.


At the moment, Google Analytics has dominated the web counting asthe best Web analytics service that provides basic analytical and statistical tools imperative for Internet search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes. The GoogleAnalytics software is designed in a way that makes it available to those who have Google accounts. With data visualization tools such as a motioncharts containing Dashboard, custom reports, scorecards, integration with other Google products email sharing and integration as Web Optimizer. Here are some of the advantages which Google Analytics brings to the table:

You can view important analytics data

Google Analytics allowsyou to view and select widgets that will show you a particular metric: from anoverview of website traffic and goal completions, to a pie chart comparator.

Discover online campaigns that pulls the most traffic

Google Analytics helps you to view a website’s traffic data which arrives from the sources which will give you a good idea of what works the best for your site.

Business team analyzing income charts and graphs with modern digital tablet. Top view photoshoot.

Business team analyzing income charts and graphs with modern digital tablet. Top view photoshoot.

Know the location of your website’s largest amount of visitors

Google Analytics helps you to view your website’s global stats, as well as the average time spent on website and the bounce rate of unique visitors. It allows you to understandwhere these particular countries that the visitors come from.

Know what visitors search for on your website

Google Analytics makes you learn and understand what visitors are actually interested in looking for, on your website. It permits you to see pages that visitors are on, while using the search widget. It can also help you with ideas on pages of your website content in need of more direct information.

Google Analytics has done  very well to cash in on the decline of simple Web Counters and is a true force to reckon with….

Hey there! People owning their own websites or having some kind of relation with website development then you would be very familiar with the term speaking about analytics and counters. They serve the purpose of identifying the number of visitors that are visiting the sites