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What do you know about web counters? Or what is your opinion about them?

People owning their own websites or having some kind of relation with website development then you would be very familiar with the term speaking about analytics and counters. They serve the purpose of identifying the number of visitors that are visiting the sites of daily basis with a complete analysis of the types of audience and the area from where they are visiting; i.e. their geographical position. Then a complete analysis is shown that portrays the percentage of visitors from a specific region and thus will help in targeting the audience according to the type of audience. These kind of tools are also very helpful in optimizing website or more often is somehow a part of SEO of the site. It also has found benefits in improving the rankings of the site so all sorts of website development tools generally incorporate the use of Analytics.

Why is Google Analytics better than other web counters out there?

When we talk about simple web counters they are only counters that will add up once when someone visits the site. Now this was enough for the developers of the last decade but with Google conquering the world in every aspect of internet, this never seemed enough. Thus, they bought into competition its Google Analytics and since it has been developed and put into practice, we do not ever consider any other web counter a part of the competition. All developers are only deploying the use of Google Analytics because of the various other features it provides to the users. A total analysis is always desired and this desire was heard by the founders of Google so they bought a team and made it work on the idea. And here we are, using analytics provided by Google and believing them; not because that we don’t have any other option, but because Google provides valid information to its followers.

What kind of information can we find here?

In this site, you can find all about web counters. But most importantly a whole comparison on why and how come Google analytics is better than any other web counter. What do we mean by rise and fall of web counter will also be explained in this site. Though a strong emphasis will be put on the fact that how Google Analytics has taken the place of numerous other web counters. What will be the benefits of incorporating the Google Analytics? Also there will be listing that will be telling some quality web counters that you can use as an alternative and also as a side product with Google Analytics. I also will be including details about when to you analytics and how to use it; in other words a proper guide related to Google Analytics, its importance and usage. Information about alternatives but that is a different case because you won’t be needing any of these again.  but that is not all and if you are really looking for something related to these analytics, you are going to find it here with great ease.