Google Analytics Alternatives: Why Are They Not Effective

Before the launch of Google Analytics there were many types of softwares that were utilized for the tracking of the web traffic. These softwares dominated the market for quite some time, however after the advent of Google analytics their monopoly broke and today most of the people are utilizing the Google analytics. Though a lot has been written on the quality of Google analytics and what unique things it can offer, not much has been written on the other softwares or website counters. In this article we will have a brief look into the other analytical softwares and see what they are lacking in. The article will be a source of great help for all those people who are well versed with Google analytics hence they will be able to make a nice comparisonbetween of Google analytics and these other analytical tools

The Other analytical tools:

We will briefly look into some cons of each of the below mentioned analytical tools



One of the fastest analytical tools is clicky and it has the ability to provide real time traffic (data). However some of the major drawbacks in it are

  • The biggest issue with clicky is that its user interface is not friendly and as a new user one may get confused.
  • In case you want to install clicky on multiple sites then for that you need to pay a hefty amount
  • Significant features such as email reports and goal tracking are only available in its premium version.


Chartbeat can also serve as an alternative for Google analytics however its main focus is on analytics of real time nature. The tool has features such as dash board, email alerts and IPhone App however it has one major drawback as well which is described below

  • The data provided by it is not that conclusive and by not conclusive we mean that it does not provide you any detailed report, rather it only provides a snap shot about the things that are happening on your website.


KISSmetrics is an ideal tool to be utilized as far as customer retention and acquisition is concerned, however its major drawback is

  • Since the overall structuring of this analytical tool is based on actionable metrics and customer insights hence many essential features which you may easily find in Google Analytics are not there in KISSmetrics.



This analytical tool can be compared to Google analytics as far as collection of data is concerned. The tool has the ability to track stuff like searches, traffic trends, referrals and famous pages. Some major cons of this tool are as follows

  • The date which is produced as the result of this tool is not comprehensive, especially if one compares it with Google analytics
  • Not ideal for tech savvy people as data needs to be configured on the server
  • The collected statistics may not be that accurate.

After reading this article we are quite sure that you will make a smart choice as far as web analytic tool is concerned.

Hey there! People owning their own websites or having some kind of relation with website development then you would be very familiar with the term speaking about analytics and counters. They serve the purpose of identifying the number of visitors that are visiting the sites