Google Analytics: Basic Reasons BehindIts Utilization

What is Google Analytics?

The Google Analytics has gained a lot of fame in the market and it can be said that it is now utilized by most of the people in comparison to some of the other alternatives.  Though Google Analytics came into the market after the launch of popular web counter softwares however it has still beaten its competitors by a great margin. Well what can be the prime reason behind this phenomenon? In this article we will try to list some of the major reasons which we believe caused the wide acceptance of Google Analytics in the market. These reasons are discussed in the heading below.

The core Reasons:

Some of the major reasons behind why Google Analytics has gained fame in the market are as follows


  • Free Usage: The biggest reason behind the popularity of Google Analytics is the free usage, as one does not need to pay monthly fee while utilizing this software.
  • The basic setup: The basic setup of Google Analytics is very simple and easy as compared to its counterparts. However for effective utilization of the Google Analytics one requires deep knowledge.
  • Documentation: The two things which are very important for Google Analytics is the configuration as well as the implementation. The Good thing is that all documentation relevant to these aspects isobtainable.
  • Customized Reports: while utilizing the Google Analytics a user can develop his own customized report by drop and drag interface. The customization option allows the user to equip the report with as many metrics and dimensions as he/she wants.
  • API: The API of Google Analytics is great for the users which are at advanced level. An advanced user will surely fall in love with Google Analytics API.
  • Webmaster Tool Data: Another handy feature of Google Analytics is that a user can easily integrate the Webmaster Tool Data into the Google Analytics. This feature is very handy for the SEO experts.
  • Tracking: Through Google Analytics tracking becomes very easy and by tracking we mean that you can easily identify any campaign which is the cause of movement of the traffic towards your webpage. However for better tracking one must know the art of utm parameters.


  • Add ons: Another important feature of Google Analytics is that there are many wonderful add ons available as well. These add ons assist in the monitoring, implementation and configuration of Google Analytics.
  • Report sending: The Google Analytics report can be easily sent by you through a simple email. Usually such reports are sent to clients or stake holders on periodic basis.
  • Annotations: The annotations of Google Analytics are relatively easy to use; moreover a user has the option of adding shared annotations as well.

These were some of the basic reasons which we believe have contributed to Google Analytics competitive edge in the market. There are many other reasons as well but the above mentioned ones are some of the most important ones.

Hey there! People owning their own websites or having some kind of relation with website development then you would be very familiar with the term speaking about analytics and counters. They serve the purpose of identifying the number of visitors that are visiting the sites