Google Analytics and Features

A lot of technological advancement has taken place in the field of web development and analytics. Companies and even small businesses pay a lot of attention as far as their website designing and analytics is concerned. Nowadays we also have web designing companies who charge a hefty fee just for the designing and analysis of the website.

Why is Analysis Important?

The website analysis is very important nowadays as you can only judge the efficiency and effectiveness of your website based on the web traffic and visitors which you are getting on your webpage. Though previously and still today in some circles web counters are utilized for this task, however after the launch of the Google analytics by Google the trend is now shifting very fast towards the Google analytics. There are many unique features associated with Google analytics which makes it stand out from its other counter parts. In this article we will share with you some of the remarkable features that are being offered by Google analytics. Though a detailed discussion would not be possible here, hence we will just discuss the measure features briefly.


The Features: Google Analytics

Some of the features because of which Google analytics has earned a lot of fame in the market are as follows

  • The biggest feature in Google Analytics is that it permits you to compare data related to your website’s performance at 2 dissimilar time periods. Similarly it also enables you to quickly chart the data which helps in knowing your site’s performance.
  • The performance results in Google Analytics come in the form of country metrics, area and city
  • Google Analytics has the ability to provide you important statistics related to traffic quality as well as number of visitors which are being sent by the link partner.
  • Google Analytics allows you to control the data as well and by controlling we mean that you can determine which data is compatible with your marketing strategy and which is not? And of course use it accordingly
  • The Unique feature of Google Analytics is Adwords (which is complete). The complete integration will allow you to gather data related to each group, keyword and campaign.


  • The rich features that are present in your dashboard (Google Analytics) can be customized while using Google Analytics. The reports which are frequently used by you can be moved into the dashboard simply by a click ona link called”Add to Dashboard”
  • The feature of Google Analytics dashboard is very handy as through it you can easily send the recurring email updates automatically.
  • On every page of your website, the effectiveness and popularity of every link can be seen via the utilization of Google Analytics.

These were some of the unique features which make the Google Analytics an important tool as far as website analysis is concerned. The above mentioned features are just a tip of an iceberg; you will get the real experience once you practically utilize Google Analytics.

Hey there! People owning their own websites or having some kind of relation with website development then you would be very familiar with the term speaking about analytics and counters. They serve the purpose of identifying the number of visitors that are visiting the sites