Hit Counter, Page Counter AndWeb Counters: An Insight

You must have heard about the terms Hit counter, page counter and web counters especially if you have interest in web analytics and the likes. In most of the cases these terminologies are used interchangeably however very few people know that there is a slight difference between these terms. In this article we will briefly describe you these three terminologies and will also try to specify their major points of difference in the conclusion of this article.

Why is Counter Utilized?

The basic reason behind the development of the website is to increase the online presence. Weather your website is effective or not is judged by the fact that how many visitors visit your website daily and how much time they spend on it. In order to check this number of visitors the tools we have is known as a counter. It is a software that helps you in determining the number of visitors for your website. The use of counters is repent nowadays despite of the emergence of an alternative like Google analytics. There are different terminologies used for counters, these terminologies are discussed below


  • Hit Counter: A Hit counter is software which has the ability to display as well as measure the frequency of visitors. By frequency we mean that how many times a single page of a website is being viewed by the visitors. In most of the cases the displaying of hit counters is done on the home pages. Similarly hitcounters can be both non-public as well as public.
  • Page Counter: Page counter is pretty similar to the Hit counter.A graphic device and line of code is utilized for the displaying of number of visitors. The page counter though is effective however it will only display the results of the page on which it has been installed. The only major difference between a hit counter and page counter is that hit counters are utilized to counts hits on a single page as opposed to it the page counters can be utilized to count visitors at more than one page or multiple pages.
  • Web Counter:web counters have the ability to measure multiple pages and is basically a mix blend of code and graphic device used to determine the number of visitors that have visited a given web page. Some of the features of web counters may differ from Hit and Page counters however overall the functionality is the same.

In A Nut Shell: Major Differences


The major differences between all these three types of counters is discussed in the points mentioned below

  • There is a difference in the security features. The security features have the ability to stop repeat clicks recording.
  • There is a difference in the number of pages that can be measured
  • There is difference in the availability of the data
  • There is a difference in the tool cost
  • There is a difference in website accessibility
Hey there! People owning their own websites or having some kind of relation with website development then you would be very familiar with the term speaking about analytics and counters. They serve the purpose of identifying the number of visitors that are visiting the sites