Website Counters Succumb To Google Analytics

A web counter is a mix of code and realistic gadget that permits you to gauge and show the quantity of guests a site has gotten. Web counters are ordinarily used to quantify different pages. A web counter is a stage nearer towards guest following, as some web counters offer extra insights, for example, both the quantity of guests, and the quantity of pages saw, so that, for instance, two hundred guests will have taken a gander at three forty six pages over a given period. Moreover, web counters offer investigation, for instance, by giving a similar review to show which pages get the most guests.

Purpose Of Web Counter

The principle purpose behind having a counter is to tell you and your guests what number of individuals have gone to your page or website. The choice you should make when choosing what item to utilize is the cost you will pay and the kind of data that you are searching.


Similarly as with numerous types of innovation, you largely get for what you are paying. Tallying and following alternatives, which you pay for, give you more itemized data of a better and efficient quality. Furthermore, there might be some work required, regarding producing and translating your details, contingent upon which choice you pick.

Why are numerous counters free of cost? Numerous counters are free of cost in light of the fact that consequently to install a counter on your webpage or site, you give the organization whose item it is a back-connection. Back-connections are utilized to acquire a high posting in list items.

How to Find Google Analytics Hit Volume?

There are four steps involved to find the Google analytics hit volume:

  • Admin panel
  • Property level
  • Select Property Settings.
  • Property Hit Volume:

A site visit is a hit, yet not all hits are site hits. This is likewise, why Google’s new Property Hit Volume is so pleasant. A site visit hits are recorded when the Google Analytics following code executes on page rendering. Google Analytics records information about the page itself (e.g. URL, page title), the innovation (e.g. program, version of the browser, browser dialect setting, screen determination, working framework), activity source and the sky is the limit from there. The following code sends this entire bundle of information to Google Analytics as one hit.


If we talk about the second example of a hit rather than view of page hit is an Event hit where all data like category of event and labels is included in the hits. Following are the hits gathered by Google Analytics:

  • Page Views
  • Screen views
  • Events
  • Ecommerce
  • Social actions
  • User timings
  • Exceptions

There are many web counters free available to install on your website or page, like Google Analytics, StatCounter, ClustrMaps etc. After installing Google Analytics your website will be look like this in terms of web counter and it is the most efficient way to view the traffic on your webpage or website.

Hey there! People owning their own websites or having some kind of relation with website development then you would be very familiar with the term speaking about analytics and counters. They serve the purpose of identifying the number of visitors that are visiting the sites