Working Of Web Page Counters

Go to the internet and simply types the keyword “web page counters” and as a result you will find thousands of web sites offering you the counter softwares. The internet traffic counters which are primarily utilized for the measuring of the network traffic is a technology which is pretty old. According to many researches there are several pros and cons associated with this technology. There are many different types of web counters available nowadays and their utilization depends on the kind of information one needs to track.

Web Server Counters:

Do you know that your web server and browser start conversing with each other whenever you type or enter a URL in the address bar of your browser? The process is such that the information is asked by the browser and the server provides that information to the browser. If a person for instance is a developer and if he or she is managing the web server, then in such a case one can write a server code that enhances or increases the counter however this happens only upon the request of a webpage.


Hit Counter:

The hit counter is also very useful as far as traffic tracking is concerned. A person needs to install a counter that has the ability to detect the IP addresses if he or she wants to get hands on the number of unique visitors that visit his or her webpage. The Hit counter is very useful in this regard. There are many other counters as well apart hit counter that can be utilized for other important tracking aspects such as the page load events etc.

ISP Counters:

For effective tracking a web server which can support the Hit counter is very necessary for you, however this does not mean that you have to own a server in order to utilize the Hit counter technology. There are some hosting services that have the ability to deliver java script code to the person involved in web analytics. The code has the ability to develop counter on any page in which it is placed. The ISP counters are in need of JavaScript for effective functioning.


Other Hit Counters:

There are many third part vendors such as simple hit counter, amazing counter and tiny counters that are well known for the provision of counters that can be easily installed on your website. There are some vendors who provide counters that have appearances and these appearances can be configured in several colorful ways. There are some Hit Counters that are equipped with invisible vision which means that they can count the site visits without the display of visible counter.

Though the topic is pretty complicated and is very hard for people who are not that well versed in the web analytics and likes; however we have tried to keep this article as simple as possible for ordinary people. We believe that the article will proof handy and a source of knowledge increase for the general readers.

Hey there! People owning their own websites or having some kind of relation with website development then you would be very familiar with the term speaking about analytics and counters. They serve the purpose of identifying the number of visitors that are visiting the sites